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Natural Farming

Natural farming is a system which is native to Indians. In natural farming we avoid using of synthetic inputs (such as fertilizers, chemical pesticides, hormones etc) and replace them with naturally available fertilizers produced from cow/sheep/goat/hen etc.., pesticides prepared directly from fermenting the leaves, spices etc which are available to us in mother nature.

Need of natural farming.

In the marathon of producing high yield excess amount of synthetic inputs were provided to the plant. This conventional method of growing food is having adverse effect on our  held due to presence of excess amount of pesticides residue, more nitrate, heavy metals, hormones, antibiotic residues and also genetically improved organism.  To remove all the effects gradually from our body  and from mother earth the only solution is do natural farming and consume products which are grown naturally as much as possible.

Key characteristic

  • Reduces the health hazards for human and animals by reducing the pest and chemical residues.
  • Natural grown food ensures better nutrition benefits and health safety.
  • It helps increasing the soil properties thus in turn helps getting best quality food year on year..
  • It helps in keeping agriculture production at higher level and makes it sustainable.

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We are a team of professionals with an aim to ease out farmer’s life, by enabling a transparent process to buy, sell and do business at their own business interest. People can contact farmers without the agents for a great price and quality to get the best of the market.

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