About Us

We’re a team of farmers, teamed up with farmers!

Our Mission

Mission of OFOF is to provide the naturally farmed food products to the customer. To bring awareness about the pest and chemical residues in conventional farming which are creating many health hazards to human and animals. The purpose of OFOF is to go to every corner of our country identify the natural farmers and facilitate them to supply their products directly to the customer.

Our Vision

OFOF is a network which is creating  for the farmers. It will help to facilitate the farmer to sell their products directly to end consumer. This will help the farmer to sustain in the market and make farming a profitable profession. OFOF is working continuously towards bringing back the farmers from conventional farming to natural farming. OFOF is thriving to bring back the respect to the farming as they are the back bone of our country. This move will encourage young generation to come forward for farming. This will help us to get quality and sustainable food production.

Our Goal

As the government of India and states are encouraging the move to-wards natural farming. OFOF want to play a back bone role in the movement. By end of 2020-21 financial year we are aiming to spread our foot print to at least ten+ 2-tire and 3-tire cities so that we facilitate more customers to get the quality and reliable products in their day to day life.

Our farmer our food stands apart from others by the unique ability to improve access to both – consumers to purchase from naturally cultivating farmers & farmers to sell to consumers needing organic food.

Our Mission

We are honored to be reliable partners who serve the farmers, and grow with our communities.

Our mission is to support all our farmers who cultivate food in natural way for a better living, and deliver to restore the health of our communities and our future generations by connecting our farmers.

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